The more you rely on CGP,

the greener you grow.

At CGP, we totally embrace green building and sustainability — a commitment that shines through everywhere you look.


We design and refine our products, materials, manufacturing processes, and business systems all for the lightest ecological impact. By making CGP your go-to component source, you shrink your overall carbon footprint and expand your satisfying sense of good stewardship. Plus, you take a giant step toward top-tier LEED scores and certifications, with associated tax credits and additional fiscal benefits.


Moreover, the maintenance-free longevity of our Decralite SDL products saves energy and labor throughout their life cycle.


Consider the facts behind CGP’s energy-efficiency and ecological excellence…


  • All of our products, including window grills, are recyclable.
  • Decralite SDL is made from 100% recycled material.
  • All of our products, glass, plastic, spacer, and residuals from manufacturing are  recycled.
  • CGP offers paperless transactions (order acknowledgement, invoicing, payment, etc.).
  • All of our coatings are waterborne, containing very low VOC levels.
  • CGP insulating glass products provide state-of-the-art energy efficiency.

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