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Designed and built to seal out and shrug off the elements for a lifetime, CGP door inserts combine sophisticated European design, with age-defying materials and construction. Naturally, they open the door to unlimited size, shape, material, and design options.

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Popular Sizes and Custom Made Door Inserts

In popular sizes and shapes, or as part of a unique, unprecedented design, opt for the elegant simplicity of a single light, or freely create divided light looks with our Simulated Divided Light (SDL) grids or our Grid Between Glass (GBG) products.

If you choose SDL, your insert comes with grid already in place. Further streamlining installation, each kit comes in pre-finished color(s), complete with screws and plugs.

After all, what better application for turnkey convenience than a door insert?

FAQ about Door Inserts

Can I fit door insets without replacing my door?

Yes, our custom-made door inserts can be made to suit your existing door and retro fitted without difficulty.

What sizes are available?

We provide both standard sizes and custom-made solutions. Contact us with the measurements and design of your door and we can quote you for your project.

How long does it take to make the custom door inserts after I order?

With your quotation, you will be given an estimated lead time but the time it takes depends on the individual size and design of the door.

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