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Our GBG (Grid Between Glass) Products deliver all the maintenance-free convenience and durability that make GBG windows so popular, plus benefits that only CGP brings you.


Let’s start with that special look you seek — the reason you’re here. At CGP, we start with an unsurpassed variety of muntin and shadow bar profiles, materials, and colors, ready to form into a grid of your specifications and seal between your chosen glass.


And what if your look demands an unavailable profile, material, color – or even all three? This is where CGP leaves other GBG sources in the dust. We simply have you draw up and spec out the grid of your dreams. Then, we custom-make it right here in the USA … quickly, precisely, efficiently, and economically, using 100% recyclable materials and low-VOC coatings.


We’re still looking forward to making our greatest grid yet. That special one you’ll soon request.



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