Our People


Our Community
Because CGP has always been family-owned and operated, our team members naturally become welcome members of our extended family.  As a result, our family is bigger, stronger, and more interesting than it might be otherwise. Our work force hails from homelands as far-flung as Mexico, and Bosnia, making our company potlucks and celebrations wonderfully savory and diverse. Also, overheard shop-floor conversation, while not always intelligible, intriguingly lands on the ear.

Most importantly, all of our team members fluently speak the international language of professional pride, expertise, dedication to excellence, and commitment to friendly, helpful customer service.

Extensive cross-training enables our team members to cover for one another to ensure timely fulfillment of our commitments to your window grille inserts.

In a world quick to tell us how important our calls are, but slow to demonstrate this, dealing with CGP is refreshingly different. You’ll quickly sense that you have the full attention of cheerful, engaged, and genuinely helpful people.

Call us and we’ll be pleased to prove it to you!

Steve Reeder

Mike Reeder
Vice President