A Quick Guide to Glass Door Inserts

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Instead of replacing an entire door, new door glass can transform its entire appearance. Door inserts are a type of glass that is inserted directly into the center or another part of the door. This allows for more natural light to come into the area while providing extra appeal to the door.

A Quick Guide to Glass Door Inserts

Door inserts come in many different sizes and vary depending on the placement and design of the panels of the door. Since there are many different types of door designs, it takes a little bit of effort to determine which door inserts will work within a particular door. Some of these factors that impact which insert to choose include the height of the door, the door width, the number of door panels, the design of the panels, and the material of the door.

At Custom Glass Products, we design and build door inserts that seal out the elements for a lifetime while providing a sophisticated look to any door. We use age-defying construction processes and materials and create door inserts in a variety of popular sizes and shapes. We can also create unique door inserts based on requests for unprecedented designs.

We can create door inserts with our Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) grids or our Grid Between Glass (GBG) products. No matter what you need for your door inserts, we can create exactly what you envision. For more information about our door inserts and which sizes are available, reach out to us today.