Green Living: Three Benefits of Eco-Friendly Window Grilles

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Window grilles were once an integral part of a window’s structural integrity, reinforcing the glass panes and holding the windows together. While they are no longer required, they remain a stylish feature in window design.

Green Living: Three Benefits of Eco-Friendly Window Grilles

Innovative advancements have also made them more sustainable than ever. Here are three benefits of eco-friendly window grilles:

  1. Sustainable materials. Since grilles are no longer structurally necessary, we can provide the look customers want with materials that prioritize sustainability. Our Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) are most often made with vinyl, aluminum, or wood, though we can also accommodate other materials with our custom orders. Whatever materials you need, our products are made to last.
  1. Energy efficiency. Optimizing the energy efficiency of windows affects every facet of the window system. The materials, placement, and design of eco-friendly window grilles are engineered to better insulate and filter natural light so HVAC systems can more efficiently regulate interior temperatures.
  1. Window longevity. Fortunately, investing in eco-friendly window grilles is also an investment in longevity. Eco-friendly products need to be as durable as they are energy-efficient, and our eco-friendly window grilles and window products will stand the test of time.

As eco-friendly products become more and more desirable, you can give yourself and your customers the best with our top-quality and sustainable products at Custom Glass Products. As the recipient of the National Green Award from Door & Window Market magazine, our team has earned national recognition for its ecological excellence. Our customizable options ensure you get the exact look you want with the eco-friendly features you need.