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Situation — Renovation of historic Wheeler Hall on campus of Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Problem — Maintaining original appearance while utilizing modern, energy-efficient window with period-correct replacement grids.block1

TRACO/Wheeler Hall Project
— Use Decralite® custom-designed grids with Decralite® SDL grids to mimic the appearance of true divided lights.

Implementation — Manufacturing architectural shape insulated glass units using CAD/CAM technology for exacting specifications, and installing the SDL grids in our factory, delivering completed units ready to install in the frames.

In early March, 2011, Traco Manufacturing contracted with us to manufacture custom window grids for an architectural renovation to Wheeler Hall on the campus of Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. The grids were important in maintaining the original character of the building.

TRACO/Wheeler Hall Project
Working with the architects and the project manager, we manufactured one-piece Decralite® grids for the various shapes of windows duplicating the original grid designs. CGP grids were installed as the insulated glass units were assembled and sealed. SDL grids were accurately placed on the exterior and interior surfaces, carefully aligning with the internal SDL grids.

Preproduction prototypes were manufactured and delivered for customer approvals in early June. Production schedules were synchronized between Custom Glass Products and Traco to insure that insulated glass units with grids arrived at Traco to match the window frame production.

Productions were loaded on portable racks and delivered by Custom Glass Products trucks. The racks were off-loaded and staged on Traco’s production floor. Insulated units were installed directly into the aluminum frames and loaded onto Traco trucks for delivery to the project site.