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Situation – Repair/ reconstruction of historic school building swamped by up to 12 feet of water during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.school 1

Warren Easton High School
– Custom-design grid required new profile, new color. Grids specified to one- thousandth of an inch

Opportunity – Use custom-designed Decralite® SDL grids to mimic the appearance of true divided lights.

Implementation – CGP designed new wider grid with chamfered grooves to complement the appearance of other Easton School architectural components. We worked with window contractor, general contractor, and directly with the architect.

Warren Easton High School
In 1843, Warren Easton was the first public high school in Louisiana. In 2005, it was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and was closed for a year. In 2010, Custom Glass Products worked with the window contractor and architect for the rebuilding and modernization of Warren Easton High School. All-new windows were designed for the reconstruction. SDL was requested to give the appearance of the original windows.

Due to the large size of the windows, a wider 1-1/2” profile was created with chamfered edges and grooves running the length and width of the grids. The grids were coated with a custom color specified by the architect.

Once preproduction samples were approved, full production began and weekly shipments were sent to the window contractor. One-piece grids were used to reduce the skill levels required to properly install the grids. Size specifications maintained three-decimal-place precision in order to ensure perfect fits without requiring any trimming by installers. By the end of the project, we had manufactured over 2,200 of these exacting, ultra-precise grids.