What is Low-E Glass?

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When you choose windows, the type of glass that is in them should be part of the consideration process. A huge percentage of energy loss happens in windows and doors, so making sure this glass is as efficient as possible is important. Low-E glass is one type of energy-efficient glass, and it is often used when making windows.

What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E glass is a shortened term for low-emissivity. This type of glass was made to minimize the amount of ultraviolet or infrared light that comes in through the glass. It does this without reducing how much light comes in through the window.

Low-E glass has an extremely thin coating on it that is transparent and also reflects heat. The purpose of this coating is to maintain a consistent temperature in the area by reflecting the interior temperature back inside the space.

There is more than one type of Low-E coatings for windows, including hard coats and soft coats. Each type has its benefits and may be preferred depending on the climate where the windows will be installed.

We use only the best when creating products with Low-E glass. We highly recommend this type of glass because of its energy efficiency and ability to maintain consistent temperatures without infringing on the amount of natural light that comes through this material. If you want to learn more about Low-E glass and its many benefits, contact us today.