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Windows do much more than let light in.

Windows are crucial for letting in natural light and offering a perspective of the outside world. However, there is more to a window than meets the eye. Take, for instance, simulated divided lite (SDL) windows. These windows go beyond simply letting in light. They also provide energy efficiency, functionality, and beauty. At Custom Glass Products, we take pride in the simulated divided lite products we offer, and we are confident your customers will love them too.

Simulated Divided Lite in North Carolina

The visual appeal of simulated divided lite windows is their most noticeable characteristic. Using SDL windows, designers and architects can create a timeless, classic style that is reminiscent of true divided lite windows. These windows give the façade a feeling of depth and intricacy, which gives any building character and appeal.

SDL windows are frequently utilized in residential construction to provide a feeling of historical authenticity or to blend in with multi-paned window architectural styles like Colonial, Victorian, or Tudor. The adaptability of SDL windows allows them to be made to fit any type of architecture, whether it is modern, transitional, or rustic.

SDL windows’ classic design also benefits commercial structures. These windows can improve a storefront’s curb appeal, giving it a more hospitable and friendly feel. They are especially well liked at eateries, shops, and boutiques, where it’s important to create a unique atmosphere.

Simulated divided lite windows have a traditional appearance, but they also have contemporary efficiency and practicality. In addition, since there aren’t any individual panes to clean around, SDL windows are far simpler to maintain. They are also more energy efficient since there are no pockets of air, allowing for heat transmission to be reduced and energy efficiency and insulation to be improved.

Simulated divided lite windows are an excellent option, whether used in a residential or commercial setting in North Carolina. Contact our team today to learn more.




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