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Get customized incentive, quantity, and bundle pricing on Decralite® products.

At Custom Glass Products, we have worked hard over the years to continue innovation and create new standards in our industry. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive selection of profiles, colors, shapes, and options and can create, design, and produce stunning custom Decralite® products.

Unlimited Customization of Window Grilles and Linear Bars

Join our distributor program and take advantage of customized incentive, quantity, and bundle pricing on Decralite® products, including SDL and GBG products and components. One of our sales representatives arranges every order for accuracy and convenience, ensuring your participation as one of our distributors continues to provide solid returns.

We deliver our products and services nationwide!

Our Decralite® SDL products (Simulated Divided Light grids for doors and windows) provide the timeless appearance of divided light aesthetics with unbeatable custom options. Our Decralite® GBG (Grid Between Glass) products provide the durability and maintenance-free convenience that make our product so popular throughout the country.

For your SDL and GBG Decralite® product needs, you tell us your specifications, and we get to work crafting your glass and completing your order. We provide industry-leading lead times and communicate with you throughout the process, so you stay up to date and informed as we create your one-of-a-kind grids.

There’s no such thing as a project that’s too complex for us! We can tell you everything you want to know about our Decralite® products and what benefits you receive by joining our program. Contact us today to talk to one of our sales representatives!