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Happy Customer – A Story of CGP’s Service

At CGP, we love to hear from our customers, especially the happy ones! It is always nice to receive a little note after the job is finished and when the dust has settled. It means that the customer has had a great experience with us and wants to share it with us. After all, when we have been working with someone on their project, we know the physical job to be done and afterwards we know when we have completed it properly but a personal note means so much more – it means that the real aim for the project has been achieved, namely to create something which makes the customer happy. This is one of the stories of a recent project which typifies the CGP ethos.

Greg’s Beautiful Home in NC

Elijah, I thought you would enjoy some before and after pics of our home. Thanks to your brilliance, our entryway gives the home a major WOW factor. We couldn’t be any more pleased.  Wonderful service, design acumen, and fair pricing.  I have already had neighbors ask for your information.  Feel free to use these pics for your marketing efforts.

Greg – Customer



What did the client want to achieve with this upgrade?

Elijah – Ultimately, the customer wanted curb appeal for their entrance way. They had mentioned along the way, a desire to “fit-in” with some other Southern Style homes in the neighborhood.

At what point did CGP get involved in the project?

Elijah – the couple contacted CGP once they were quoted a cost for replacing their old transom and sidelights.

How did the client choose the necessary products?

Elijah – it was a group effort between the customer and myself. They literally called and said, ‘’I’m not really sure what I want, or how to go about ordering it”. They originally wanted “either diamonds or ovals”.

I then just drew something I had seen from one of our more detailed millwork customers with diamonds in it and sent it to them.

Were there any problems/specific needsfor this installation?

Elijah – Their main concern was curb appeal and I had no idea what stood out to them or their neighbors. Getting the right design and achieving what they wanted to achieve did take a bit of time.

If so, how were they overcome?

Elijah – Trial and error. Eventually, they found a couple of ideas from a social media source and we ended up making a hybrid of sorts. I happened to notice that in the link they sent me from the social media website that one of our customers was cited as the source for the picture. After a little more research, I was able to confirm that the picture they had sent us was one of our grids! So in the end, we tweaked the drawing a little and sent it over for approval.

What products were used and for what reason?

Elijah – Our Decralite® SDL grids. We held true to the CGP mantra of “If you can draw it, we can make it.” except we drew it for them too!

Were there any custom aspects to this job?

Elijah – It was one-of-a-kind. 95% of our Precision One-Piece Grids®/GBG grids are custom.

Has the client’s desire been met?

Elijah – Very much so. They are very proud of their grids and were very grateful for our service.



Elijah mentioned our mantra of “If you can draw it, we can make it” and this is something we hold very true to in our work. As manufacturers, we can achieve things that others cannot; as we know our manufacturing capabilities as well as our extensive range of products, you can be sure that we will always recommend the best solution for your project based on the requirements, budget and design required.

Contact us today and let’s get started on your project so that you too can become one of our happy customers.