Custom Grids Between Glass

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CGP’s Custom Decralite® Grids Between the Glass

When you want to rise above your competitors as a contractor, architect, window manufacturer or distributor, your best bet is to offer something unique that your customers won’t find anywhere else. Here at Custom Glass Products, we can help you do that with specialized window options that are sturdy, look great, and are a cost-effective option so you can stay within your project budget. One way to accomplish a unique window is with custom grids between glass panels.


Precision One-Piece Grids®

You can get the best of both worlds with our Precision One-Piece Grids® windows. Our Precision One-Piece Grids® (simulated divided light) windows give you the timeless appeal of grids with a single piece of glass for easy cleaning. Getting the best of both worlds gives you the opportunity to feel great about your window choices.

You can count on us to get your project completed within the timeframe you need and on budget, regardless of the complexity or unusual nature. We love challenging projects with custom grids between glass that are far from ordinary. Call us today to discuss your project and we’ll be happy to prove to you that we can do anything!