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News Story – CGP Wins Green Award


(Mooresville, NC, December 12, 2016) It’s one thing for a company to consistently proclaim its own commitment to ecological sensitivity and sustainability. It’s another matter when that company – Custom Glass Products (CGP) in this case – is singled out from among dozens of its industry peers, and gets independently cited for its ecological excellence, winning a 2016 National Green Award from Door & Window Market magazine (DWM).

In selecting CGP for a National Green Award, DWM noted that all CGP products, including window grilles are recyclable; its popular, patented Decralite® decorative window grids are made from 100% recycled material, and all of CGP’s products, glass, plastic, spacers, and residuals from manufacturing are recycled.

Green thinking also shines through CGP’s manufacturing and business processes.  For example all of the coatings CGP applies are waterborne, emitting very low VOC levels. On the business process side, CGP offers and promotes paperless transactions (order acknowledgement., invoicing, payment, etc.).

Green considerations prominently figure into CGP’s own internal growth. When the company recently undertook a $2 million expansion plan to expand its capacity while maintaining its industry-leading five-day turnaround times, CGP started with a green contractor, , and partnered with such green organizations including Energy Star, LEED, Architects Council, Millwork Distributors, ASTM, Efficient Windows Collaborative, Fenestration Canada, CSA International, DOE.gov, Installation Masters Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory-Windows & Daylighting Group, National Fenestration Rating Council, National Glass Association, The Vinyl Institute, Window & Door Dealers Alliance, Window & Door Manufacturers Association, and Window Covering Manufacturers Association.

Reflecting on CGP’s 2016 National Green Award CGP, President Steve Reeder says , “It’s a great honor to be chosen for the National Green Award. It’s a reminder to our team and our customers that being environmentally friendly will always be part of culture at Customer Glass Products.”