Are Barn Door Products Just for Farmers?

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Okay, that heading is a bit of a rhetorical question since most people have noticed the popularity of using a barn door style in today’s décor renovations. Farmers may have a direct need for barn doors, but anyone can fall in love with the simplicity and aesthetic charm of barn door products.

Are Barn Door Products Just for Farmers?

Barn door products are used for everything from kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to sliding closet doors and custom furniture building. If you make a wide assortment of doors in your business, you’ll want reliable products that make it easier to keep production at full swing. You’ll be looking not just for quality, but also the ability to get a customized product. Even though the barn door style is simplistic, getting the measurements correct and fitting everything together in the right way takes finesse and experience.

At Custom Glass Products, we have been providing window and door components since 1971, so it is safe to say that we have the expertise to make you exceptional barn door products. We also offer unlimited customization, so you can get the exact result your customers want. We stay on top of current design trends with our Decralite® barn door components, so you need never worry about being left behind as consumer demands change.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom barn door products or any of our eco-friendly, prop-65-certified, recyclable products. Your customers will love the modern touch that has a whisper of the appearance of a traditional barn door without the nail holes!