Improve Your Glass with Our High-Performance Glass Options

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Receive added protection from ultraviolet rays with our high-performance glass options. These glass options can make homes more energy efficient and prevent the fading of furniture when exposed to the sun. Our energy-efficient glass panes are coated with specific metal oxides that are designed to reduce the absorption of solar heat. As a result, the building’s energy costs are reduced, which makes these high-performance glass options a great fit for both homes and commercial buildings.

Improve Your Glass with Our High-Performance Glass Options

One of our high-performance glass options is Low-E glass. This glass is coated with a microscopic layer of either metal or metallic oxide that is practically invisible. After the application of this layer, the emissivity of the glass is lowered, which blocks harmful radiation and improves thermal performance. Low-E glass was originally made to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that comes through glass without reducing the amount of light that enters.

At Custom Glass Products, we can help you determine which of the high-performance glass options we offer is right for your specific application. We are glass experts, and we design and manufacture our products to the highest industry standards.

If you are interested in high-performance glass options for an upcoming building project, or to offer to your customers, we want to give you more information. Contact us to learn more about our high-performance glass options and to consult with one of our product professionals.