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At Custom Glass Products, there is a reason why we chose the name we did – everything we do is custom-made based on what you envision for your home. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to getting a GBG Decralite window product. While we do have some pre-conceived designs ready to go, you are always free to step outside the box. If you can draw it, we can make it!

The Steps Involved in Creating a GBG Decralite Window Product [infographic]

Our GBG (Grid Between Glass) products are the ideal option when you don’t want to deal with gridwork that makes your windows more difficult to clean, both from the standpoint of the glass and the grids themselves that are prone to collecting dust. When you call on us to create GBG Decralite window products for you, we’ll take the time to walk you through the process so each step along the way is your decision. Let us repeat the important part here – if you can draw it, we can make it!

  • Choose your Glass Size and Shape – This is the size of the window itself, hence the glass and the frame, that will be used to replace your current window.
  • Choose your Glass Type – Your choices are clear, bronze, gray, Low-E HC, Low-E 272, Low-E 270, and Low-E 366. Don’t worry, we’ll explain each of these options to you and help you pick the best one for your project!
  • Choose your Glass Pattern – Your glass can have any of a number of patterns. We offer glass pattern types of 62, rain, water, glue chip, frosted, and antique seedy. We’ll be glad to show you what each of these looks like so you can choose the opaqueness you desire.
  • Choose your Grid Type– you can choose your grid size, pattern and multiple colors, including standard white, bright white, beige, adobe, bronze, black, and anodized. You’ll also be able to choose from various grid profiles.