Custom Glass Products window and door components do much more than let in the light, keep out the weather, and create beauty, distinction and value.

Thanks to true custom design and manufacturing, our components perfectly fulfill their end users’ precise, functional and aesthetic needs and desires.

Here are the product lines that put our unmatched custom design and manufacturing capabilities at your service.


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Brand new Family Room

Decralite® SDL – Now you can get the look of true divided light with externally attached window grilles. Unlimited shapes, colors and profiles are available in standard and customized options. Works well for all windows and doors on any size project.

Decralite® GBG – Decralite® is the perfect choice for between-the-glass grids. Many prefer grids between the glass, as it provides beauty with maintenance-free characteristics. Decralite® is available in colonial or contoured profiles, custom color and two-tone. We provide most of the commonly-found design elements. However, if you have another need, let us know. If you can draw your idea for us, we can make it for you!

Brand new Family Room
Brand new Family Room

Insulating Glass – Lower your energy consumption with the right type of glass designed specifically for your location. Choose from a comprehensive offering of colors, sizes and shapes. We make insulated glass for any climate or creative design.

Door Inserts – Choose from unlimited glass, grid, and color options, for new and replacement door inserts. Available with Decralite® SDL or GBG grids, for front and rear entry, steel and fiberglass doors.

Brand new Family Room
Window Muntin

Fixed Window – For window manufacturers, we will create a customized program to fit your requirements. As an industry leader, our patented processes are scalable and focused on fast production of complex architectural shapes. We’re your total outsource partner.

You’ll find several catalogs on our website where you might find exactly what you want or will get your imagination sparked, so you can create the wonderous result you want for your home or commercial property. When you want the perfect marriage of functionality and beauty, we are confident our Precision One-Piece Grids® windows will deliver. Contact us today to learn more about the many customization choices that are available to make your windows provide all the benefits you envision.