Decralite® Between the Glass Grids

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Accomplish your architectural goals with between the glass grids.

Do you want to set yourself apart from your competitors as a contractor, architect, distributor, or window manufacturer? Your best bet is to offer a product your customers won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Decralite® Between the Glass Grids

We can help you make this happen at Custom Glass Products. We provide specialized window options, including Decralite® between the glass grids, that look great, offer impressive durability, and offer a cost-effective solution to personalizing your products. These custom grids between glass panels can enhance your project and help your final product stand apart from others your competitors are completing.

What are Decralite® between the glass grids? Also known as muntins or window grilles, these decorative dividers are positioned between panes of glass in a multi-pane window. These grids create the appearance of separate smaller glass panels within a larger window. This mimics the look of traditional divided-light windows while maintaining the energy efficiency of a single-pane of glass.

Decralite® between the glass grids come in a variety of styles and patterns, ranging from classic, colonial panels to more modern and custom designs. Typically, these grids are positioned inside of the insulated glass unit during manufacturing, meaning that they are sealed between the two panes of glass.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with the quality and cost-effectiveness of our Decralite® between the glass grids. For more information or to place your next order, reach out to us today.


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